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Genies Café is nestled in the centre of Melbourne, Victoria to give the finest dining experience to the people who love and live for food. We capture the most beautiful moment of yours by serving mouth-watering food and refreshing mocktails while letting you enjoy spectacular harbour views of Melbourne. When it comes to a hygienic environment, we try to organise a green-clean day in every two months by hiring Bond Cleaning in Melbourne which is the best Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning Company. They are known for providing chemical-free cleaning services at the most reasonable price.

7.00 am 10.00 am
11.30 am 2.30 pm
Light Snacks
3:00 pm onwards
Afternoon Tea/Coffee
4.00 pm 5.00 pm

Wholesome Breakfast

Our in-house team of chefs prepares a range of breakfast dishes including scrambled/fried egg, haloumi & mushroom stack, fat boy slam and a lot more.

Our Servings

Blissful Beverages

We, at Genies Café, offer the finest coffee brews. Coffee for us is passion and we serve it with love. You can have the classic cappuccino, strong mocha, or fresh pressed espresso. Also, you can enjoy other beverages offered by us such as innovative mocktails, smoothies, tea, shakes, and of course, wine. We have a variety of fine wines including Sprinkle wine, Red wine, White wine and more.


Heavenly Lunch

With the commitment to serve wholesome and freshest lunch courses, we offer appetizing burgers, sandwiches, hot platters, and much more. From continental to Chinese, we serve it all. Lunch is an important meal and we strive to make this meal enjoyable and hearty for our diners. We use only finest quality ingredients and to all our lunch dishes, we add our favourite condiment: LOVE.

Wine List

Let’s experience the class of wines in our cafe. We cater sparkling wines, white/red wines, beer and cider to all our interested customers.


Experienced Chefs


Staff Members


Dish/glass washers


Hot Cabinets

Though there are hundreds of restaurant businesses for sale in Melbourne, Victoria, but Genies Cafe is one of the most reputed ones among others. At Genies Cafe, we have a dedicated team of chefs, staff members along with new-age technologies to give rich experience to our customers. We strive to render excellent service and great food to our diners. To make the food, our chefs practice expert food making techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment. Also, we maintain round-the-clock cleanliness and hygiene to ensure the finest experience.

Our Function Menu


Muffins & Cookies with tea/coffee

We bake fresh muffins and cookies with a hot cup of tea/coffee. You can also order a cappuccino for your breakfast.

Duo of Slab Cakes

Start your day with our freshly backed duo of slab cakes. Choose the combination of two from chocolate, carrot, banana or orange with tea and coffee.

Sandwich Buffet

Enjoy the sliced breads, gourmet rolls and wraps filled with yummy fillings including salads and meats, freshly cut vegetables, vegan and gluten free in lunch.

Cold Buffet

Our cold buffet is for minimum 15 people. You can select cold sliced variety of meats, vegetarian quiche and salmon slices with platter including feta cheese and olives.

Asian Buffet

At our café, you can experience the authentic Asian recipes including Vietnamese rice paper rolls, with chicken, prawn, BBQ pork and vegetable fillings.


Beat the heat with our a variety of soft drinks, juices, Ice tea, cold coffee, mineral water, hot coffee and other beverages.

Special of the week

Chicken Szhnitzel

Enjoy tender chicken thigh in spicy and juicy tomato gravy. Book a reservation to dine.

Our Cafe Menu

The UQ Roll

Savory rolls served with cooked ham, tuna, corn, shallot and fresh basil.

Fish & chips

Baked fish served with chips, garden salad and tomato sauce.

Discover your flavour in our cafe

We offer all types of coffee

At Genies Cafe, Coffee is our religion and we are a self proclaimed Coffee Concierge. From espresso/short black to flat white, cappuccino to latte, we serve an assorted range of coffee flavours in our cafe. We source the finest coffee blends and provide original flavour to those who appreciate coffee like no other beverage. We serve it hot and cold according to your mood. Therefore, our cafe is the perfect place to get soulful coffee that is rich, smooth, and flavourful.

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296 Carlisle Street Balaclava, Melbourne, VIC 3183


03 7955 5878



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